Friday, June 17, 2005

The ‘E’ word has been elbowed – official…

Perusing the seats of power on the Parliament web site, I came across Welshman Alun Michael’s new portfolio. After ballsing up the countryside brief, Michael,MP for Cardiff South & Penarth has been given a job in ‘industry’. His official and pretty damn grand moniker is now – Rt hon Alun Michael, Minister of State for Industry and the Regions.

I thought it sounded a bit weird… ‘Industry and the Regions’. I mean, what does that mean then?

I decided to bang off an email to Ivory Towers Inc and find out…

Good afternoon,

I have a question and I wonder if you could clear it up for me.
The Rt. Hon. Alun Michael, MP for Cardiff South & Penarth is, I understand the
‘Minister of State for Industry and the Regions’.

Does his responsibilities include the regions of the whole of the UK?...
Or is it just the regions of England that Mr Michael has responsibility for?

And if it is the regions of England, then why not have ‘England’ in the title of his job?


‘John’ from Alun Michael HQ got back to me quicker than you could say ‘Jobs for the boyos’ with the following reply…. (although, it might have been better if he had read ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’ by Lynne Truss before he’d done so).

Dear Steve,

Alun Michael has responsibility for the nine Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) throughout the UK.

There is no RDA in Scotland or Wales, I think any issues arising are handled within the assembly's.

Hope this helps.


Well John, it actually doesn’t help – at all. You didn’t answer my question did you? Because you couldn’t bring yourself to say ‘the word’ – the word that cannot be uttered - ever.

Yes, the ‘E’ word has been eradicated from Labour’s lexicon of waffle….. "period" (to quote Tony Blair).

So there you have it, when Gordon Brown, Alun Michael and even ‘John’ – the guy who doesn’t know his grammar from his grandma goes on about the Nations and Regions of the UK…. They really do mean ‘the Regions of the UK’….. I’m now a norf westerner of the UK apparently.

Alfie has resolved to reply to ‘John’ with a bit of Anglo Saxon advice on Geoggers and Eng’ Lang’ - and to also ask just why an MP with a Welsh constituency has an English only brief – I’ll keep you posted.


wonkotsane said...

Can you post his email address up please Alfie? I'll give his some stick as well.

The Crafty Cruiser said...

Mither the buggers Alfie.
Until you get the right word beginning with an E.

Shooting Parrots said...

That bloke didn't make himself very clear. Do the nine regions include Northern Ireland I wonder?

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