Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sudan 1 – FSA Academicals 0
(after a lot of extra time)

Looks like another cock up on the jobsworth front – courtesy of the Food Standards Agency. ‘Toxic food shock – Sudan 1 - a vile and evil cancer-causing additive found in virtually everything you shove in your gob, shock....... Every day, the list gets ever longer as more and more products hit the Sudan fan.

‘Toxic food shock – Sudan 1 found in furniture polish. Whatever you do, don’t eat your dining table – because you’ll die and get a splinter, shock’

The story broke to the public last Friday. The FSA had known about it since the previous Monday. Unfortunately, Alfie was in a pub in Port Sunlight on Thursday filling his not inconsiderable hamster cheek pouches with a ton of ‘farmhouse’ chilli…..

A ton of chilli with lashings of Sudan 1 on top - a side salad of chemical residual masquerading as chips, off a very old block and a pint of frothy, foaming ale to wash it all down…. I remember, ruminating while I was ruminating, ‘you know what, I reckon that this chilli has a hint of furniture polish essence, with a whiff of engine oil additive and a hefty dollop of a known carcinogen subtly infused into this purest offering of top grade slop-de-chilli’…….. Or was it all in my imagination?

‘Toxic food shock – Pot Noodle actually found on food shelves – rather than with the disinfectant stock, shock’

The point is, if I’d have known about ‘the scare’ – I might have given the chilli a miss. I might have gone for the ‘farmhouse’ ploughman’s with polystyrene cheese, luminous green salad and genetically mortified tomatoes – the whole ensemble liberally drizzled with agent orange dressing…..

‘Toxic food shock – Beef stock knock in block, shock. No Sudan 1 and no beef ingredients found in the beef stock, shock

Anyway, as ‘the list’ gets longer and longer, it suddenly struck me it might be quicker and easier to publish a ‘short list’ – a very short list of stuff that doesn’t have as an essential ingredient, Sudan 1. To save the Food Crap-Standards Agency any further angst, Alfie the Whistleblower publishes the list of foodstuff stuff which does not contain the evil antichrist that is Sudan 1.

Stuff declared absolutely free of Sudan 1 (probably)
Raspberry Jam,
Bazooka Joe Bubble-gum,
Brillo Pads.

Oy! - Jamie Oliver – you call yourself a chef, get off your bum and rustle up something creative from that lot…..

And just in ….‘Toxic food shock – Sudan 1 found in Iceland (the shop) – but not in Sudan (the Country) shock’

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hmmmmmm, decisions,decisions, decisions.....

Not been posting lately - too busy thinking about my future.
I've been asked to do something that's going to weigh very heavily on my time for the next few months.
if I accept, the work will start slowly and build and build until possibly around the 5th of May - when it will stop abruptly - probably (almost definitely).

I have to decide by Friday at high noon............
What to do, what to do, what to do.