Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hats off to Clinton Cards……

Strolling around that there London yesterday, just by Bank underground station and not a Pearly King’s jig away from the grand old lady of Fred Needle Street, we happened upon a Clinton Card shop. As is customary with us oop-northerners when passing a shop, we had a right good gawp in – to see if there was anything interesting therein.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a well slimy, jellied eel and no mistake guv’nor.

For there, in all its red ‘n’ whiteyness was the biggest display of St George’s Day cards I’ve ever seen. Well, let me clarify – it’s the only display of St George’s cards
I’ve ever seen.

I just could not believe it. A whole aisle devoted to St Gee. Not only lots of different reasonably priced cards (5 for £2.55p), but also flags, patriotic pens, key-rings and badges.

It was great to see, not only because they were on show – but the mere fact that Clinton Cards reckon there is such a big market out there in England-land in the first place. And thus translating that into such a large commitment to space within the shop.

Earth to Tone, Mike and Chas – get your manifestoed fingers out of your pontificating celtic backsides and recognise the nation – before it comes back to bite you.

Note, if you go onto the Clinton Card web site -
You will find St Gee’s is the card of the month.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Final Pope comment...

During ITV's magisterial coverage of all things papal last Friday; the anchorman got a tad carried away with the occasion. It might have been because of the presence of His High Highness, Tony Blair, his windy-wafted locks and his wife, the virgin Cherie. It might have been Robert Mugabe's handshake to Charlie Windsor "Yo, Chaz, you and your lovely new wife, Cammy must come over to our house sometime".........

But most probably, it's because the anchor man is a total, non bible-reading wally.

For those of you that missed it, he said "This must surely be the biggest day in Christianity - ever"...

Hmmmmm.... bigger than the virgin birth, bigger than loaves and fishes, bigger than the resurrection?