Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Calling all pie eaters....

I've found this little site dedicated to the dark art of pork pie eating. I don't think it's based in Wigan...... (but maybe they're ex-pats).
Good news, bad news

The good news? Quiiz uber champ, Pat Gibson failed to turn for last night's quiz. (see previous post).....

The bad news? His replacement was brilliant. We got battered - as battered as a beaten up Blackpool battered Cod......

Monday, September 04, 2006

Clash of the giants…..
Tonight, our quiz league season starts up again.

I’m a bit worried. We’ve just been promoted to the top division – that makes us the Watford, Reading and Sheffield United of the quiz world.

As is customary with newly promoted whipping boys, our first fixture is a bit of a toughie. Our team, the ‘4 Men in a Tub’ are playing ‘The Old Dog’ at the Old Dog pub in Up Holland, West Lancashire. Unfortunately, they have as one of their team members one Pat’ Gibson, a relaxed Irishman, currently living in Wigan, the pie eating capital of the Universe.

Pat’s bloody brilliant, he’s been on telly a few times. In 2004 he won a million quid on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’….. in 2005, he became BBC’s ‘Mastermind’ champion.

Let’s hope the questions tonight are all about daytime telly, ‘Love Island' contestants, the history of the Beano comic and the life and times of Stevie Gerrard, otherwise it could be a cricket score…..

Pat Gibson, all round smart arse....