Thursday, June 03, 2004

Field Notes…

Alfie the OK has this week mostly been ‘Alfie the travelling the country, art directing pictures of aircraft bits and pieces in various stages of manufacture’.

Today, he is in Llantrisant, South Wales, photographing even more bits of aircraft. He has asked me to pass on his apologies for the somewhat thin to non existent content of his web site this week. As luck would have it, the factory Alfie is at today is situated right next to the Royal Mint – manufacturer of the nation’s coinage.

If you are in that part of the country, be sure to give him a wave – he will most probably be round the back of that secure building going through the skips looking for any rejects and seconds.

He assures me he will be back tomorrow to resume his posts – unless of course he manages to find several hundred thousand rejects, in which case he will be posting from Rio….

Thank you,
Edward the Compressor.