Friday, February 06, 2004

Buzz, buzz, buzzy bee........

Great gobs of sweat, I'm busy. I'm just too busy to even think of a simile as to just how busy I actually am.

I'm up the wall, round the bend and knocking on the door of 'Ulcerdom' busy. And believe me, that's busy! Being busy, is better than being torpid I suppose, except when I'm actually in a state of torpor, then it's just fine. But what 'busy-ness' type am I today?

There's the "I'm so busy, I'm disappearing up my own jacksie and achieving not a lot". Busy.

Or alternatively, the "I'm so busy, Why can't everyone just sod off and leave me alone to get on with my blog". Busy.

Or how about the "I'm so busy, I can't cope. I'm off to join the Foreign Legion". Busy.

And finally, "I'm so busy, that by tonight I will have trousered enough cash today to buy that deluxe villa at Marbella and fabulous two tone 'SunSeeker' motor launch". Busy.

I'll leave it to you to decide which category applies.

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