Thursday, January 15, 2004

Working, resting and typing….

Treated myself to a very tasty, Mars bar today. It enabled me to work, rest and play…. great! A real filling lifter if ever there was one, frozen rivulets of milk chocolate, toffee and a light caramel filling subtly interfused with some Beagley bits.

Must contact mutton chopped scientist and part time Wurzel Gummidge extra, Prof’ Colin Pillinger and tell him I’ve found it….. Int’ British Technology brilliant – cutting edge, in a boffiny-Meccano, sticky-backed plastic and Sqeezy bottle kind of way….

The very Rev’ Tony Blair .....

The renowned Missionary, the very Rev’ Blair performed his latest meeting with the natives at his Mission today. The Rev’ uttered various zeal laden beliefs from the scriptures on his God given (Rupert Murdoch) path to bring the natives out of The Darkness and into The Busted…..

"Can we just wait until this enquiry, that report and the other whitewash committee publish their findings…"

Yea - verily Tone, just seen you on the telly doing your very informative (not) press conference from 10 Downing Street – you look shit, in a close to death, temperature of 105 degree sort of way. It’s more, much more than the realisation that your smoke and mirrors are about to be blown out of the water. You look positively ill, you look like someone is smiting you down from afar……. "With this instrument I thee smite you most smotily!!!"

Looks like my Christmas stocking filler, a DIY voodoo doll kit is paying dividends then …….. now for the coup de grace, just off to get the blowtorch, pliers and six inch nails…..

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