Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Did you just hear that?

Blimey Moses, can you believe it?
Were you listening to Simon Mayo on Radio fivelive today?
The time was about 1:45pm and Simes was grilling 3 Westminster MPs. The pomposity indicator was reaching dangerously high levels as Alan Duncan(Tory), Mathew Taylor(LibDems) and some anonymous slimy toadying Labour geezer who I've never heard of and can't remember... But let's call him 'Gollum' - were all blustering away ad nauseum.

I was vaguely listening, wondering just how they can split 2 brain cells between 3 MPs when Mr Gollum, MP for Mordor South said the words...
THE bloody words that drive me abso-bloody-lutely bananas. Gollum slimed out "Now, let me make this absolutely clear"........ AAAAGGGGGHHHH.

I slapped out an email to Simon..... "Blah, blah, blah, blah outraged, blah, blah, disgusted, blah, blah, pompous Westminster arses, blah, blah, get a proper job blah, blah".

Two minutes later, Simes was reading it out ON AIR in all its pithy, paxmanesque glory. No reaction from Gollum - he was probably hiding under a stone quivering in abject terror. Sorted!

Robin Day's successor is alive and well and living in self delusional isolation....

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