Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Did I really do that?…..

Did I really send a very important letter introducing our state of the art, cutting edge, can do, fly-by-wire services to a vitally important new client, who I had been wooing for months and who was going to give us lots and lots of new high end, high value business?

Yes I did...

And did I really pay extra special care to the content of my letter, paying particular attention to syntax, nuance, gravitas – with just the merest hint of friendliness – just to let her know that she’s dealing with a fully focused and professional operation and not with a complete and utter load of no-hope divvies?

Yes I did...

And did I really miss one vital and gut wrenchingly embarrassing spelling mistake in her very important job title, even though ‘spell-check’ failed to spot the error, mainly because the word with the spelling mistake still made a recognisable, if not entirely appropriate word?

Oh yes I did...

It should have read ‘Public Affairs Manager’
Unfortunately, I forgot to put the ‘L’ in.

Did she notice? Did she care? Was she shocked? Did she take offence? Was she a church going Christian, brought up in a Convent school? Did she give us any work?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and no. .

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