Thursday, March 25, 2004

Thursday’s helpful suggestion ……

In order that the Olympic Stadium in Athens be finished in time – (well, at least in time for the closing ceremony), may I suggest some extra athletic events. This way, the competitors can actually do the topping off, thus avoiding cringing embarrassment for the Greek Government.

1) Speed Bricklaying.
2) Time and Motion Marathon.
3) Bureaucratic Hurdles.
4) Scaffold-pole Vaulting.
5) Builders Bum Jump.
6) Hod Hump.
7) Pray like you’ve never prayed before sprint.
8) Get it finished or you’re for the high jump.

Or maybe they should postpone it for another year.
Cue ‘Chariot’s of Fire’ music….
Cue Anneka Rice and her ‘challenge’ to get it finished…..
Cue Jimmy Saville and will Jim fix it?….
Cue someone to invent a ‘slowing down time’, time machine….
Cue ‘Bob the Builder’ and a million of his mates…
Cue the 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ crew….
Cue a bleeding miracle from the boy Zeus…..

Failing that, they could always transfer it to our local school playing fields…..

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