Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Great marketing ideas ‘on tap’……....
(Well, if Coca Cola can do it, so can I)

'Dansani' - basically tap water, from Coca Cola has given me a bit of an idea. Alfie the entrepreneur has seen a gap in the market where he could clean up big and retire happy.

Air. Air in a bottle. Nothing taken away – and nothing added… really, really nothing added at all. It’s brilliant isn’t it? After all, seeing that the U.S. have blown the ‘Kyoto’ agreement out of the water, air quality world-wide is bound to be getting a bit stale and smelly. What’s needed is a product to remind you of air as it used to be when you were a kid.
Pure(ish), unadulterated(ish) airy stuff – from the farm.

I’ll need a name, obviously. Something that gets that pure, country fresh image across to the discerning air breathing consumer - but without the cow pat waft. A lot of companies, wishing to go for that clean, healthy feel seem to plumb for a geographic name. I’ve got my manufacturing arm set up in Northern Ireland, Londonderry to be precise – so I’ve got the geography sorted out.

Production is a bit rudimentary though – and that’s the beauty of it. To fill the bottles we simply unscrew the tops and let the air flood in. Replace the top and slap a label on – job done!

So that’s all taken care of. Now I’ll need a catchy, jingley type slogan to really push on ……..

Let’s put the elements into the mix and see what comes out.

Hmmmm, the product is processed in Londonderry - ‘Derry’ for short … and the product is ‘Air’ – and I’m the big shot entrepreneur. I’ve just got to get those three elements together into one line.

I’ve got it!

"Alfie says, breath it, smell it in from his DerryAir"…..
Great! Now to expand into Europe. I wonder if my slogan will translate into french?

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