Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dental as anything…...

Today, 3,000 people in Scarborough have been queuing to register with a new NHS dentist. She seems a nice lady, just been head-hunted from Holland, presumably leaving a lot of clog wearing, tooth aching Dutch bods behind. Her English is perfect – I just wonder how many of her new clients will be able to speak Hollish to her…..

She clearly seems overwhelmed by our quaint queue culture – "No, ve haff noffink like ziss in Hollant. But, I zink everyone’s teeth in Scarborough vill need just a leetle attention."

Someone should tell her, they really, really should. By the second month, she’ll have biceps like Schwarzenegger and an ivory mountain to rival that of the most ardent of elephant poachers. Just looking at those people in the queue – and particularly their gobs, she is going to be a very busy practitioner indeed. As I was watching the telly, all I could think of was ‘Tombstones’…

So, where have all our NHS Dentists gone?

I think they may all have got ‘Marketforce-itis’… possibly.

Was this one of Tony Blair's 'pledges'?
"I pledge to completely bugger up the dental profession - because I can"

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