Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You know you’re getting old when…..

You know you’re getting old when you give a lift to an old bloke you’ve just met. He’s balding, breathless and overweight in a near-death-experience kind of way. His clothes are straight out of the same shop that Prince Phillip gets his gear from. He’s wearing light slacks, brown and cream stripey tie with coffee coloured shirt and brown blazer with gold effect buttons and brown slip on shoes…..

We chat.

I find out Mr Squaresville is 64 years and 11 months old – and that next month he is retiring.

With not much in common with my new travelling companion – the pregnant silence interrupted only by the dull whine of the engine and the gentle wheezing of my passenger, I decide to play a CD…..

"Sorry, but I’ve only got Zepp – so it’ll have to be King Jimmy Page and his trusty Gibson SG I’m afraid"….

"What, Led Zepp? They’re only my most favourite band ever"… With that, he leant over and turned the volume full-on to ‘bleeding ears’ level.

Rock and roll….


Anonymous said...

"Nice man !"
I hereby give permission to be put down if I'm caught wearing 'slacks'.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I adore 1960s style stuff from the 1970s! And I was born in 1974. So take heart!

D said...

I was dismayed recently when I gave a young co-worker a lift home from work and she laughed at my radio choice. Apparantly I'm just not 'cool' anymore!

When I let her change the station to something she liked, it made me realise something. I'm glad I'm 'uncool'.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Biff's 'Time for your Van Morrison Ben' postcard set in an old folks' home of the future. But a lot of your links to other blogs are defunct. I have never been able to make out the words of the last verse of Stairway to Heaven - can you help?

Anonymous said...

Like me (68) the 'old git' was there when it all started. I bore the pants off people with the story of the night I saw Bill Haley 'live' !

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the knowledge of the grey folk, we've a lot to offer re knowledge of the good old bands.