Wednesday, March 07, 2007

An anthem for England…

Can I ask everyone who reads my blog to please take the time to visit this page on the Number 10 website and sign the petition to press Tony Blair and his acolytes to give England a national anthem.

We should have one – we have to have one, and soon. Anyone who has cringed when watching David Beckham or Jonny Wilkinson glottaling away with the dire lyrics of ’God Save the Queen’ will surely agree.

’God Save the Queen’ is not the anthem of England, it is the UK anthem. England is a country in its own right – and as such, should have a national song that we can all identify with. Favourites of mine are ’Jerusalem’ or ’I vow to thee my country’…. But I’m not that bothered really what we have, as long as we get one. (Although I’ll draw a line on the ’Birdy Song’ or ’Agadoo’

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The Crafty Cruiser said...

Nowt wrong with the Birdy song.