Sunday, February 19, 2006


On ‘those’ cartoons…..
OK, I admit it, now and again I do watch Richard and Judy on Channel 4. They’re totally crap, obviously – but sometimes they have some great summarisers on to discuss a topic of the day. Nick Ferrari was on last week talking about the Danish cartoons and the ‘spontaneous’ Islamic backlash. He waxed lyrical about Christianity and Islam – and where he thought to two religions stood at the moment.

He compared them thus,
"Christianity is a bit like an old worn-out jumper, a bit old fashioned, a bit tired - it’s sort of still in the 1950’s….
Islam, however is still in the 12th century"……

You have to admit he may have a point.

On James Blunt winning some Brit music awards
How? Why? Who voted? Are they mad and are they deaf? Yes!

On the coverage of the smoking ban vote…..
I’ve been getting really irritated lately at the way the media report news. Dumbed down and inaccurate, the BBC 6 o’clock news has become nothing more than a comic…. Natasha Kaplinski is no time-served journalist. The chronic standard of script origination and undying allegiance to the great p.c. mantra has left a once noble profession little more than a celeb stepping stone to the supermarket opening circuit…. Kerrrching.

For instance, the smoking ban vote – "The Commons votes to stop Britain smoking in pubs and clubs"….

BBC Breakfast was worse. They proclaimed that as a result of the vote, "Britain had given up smoking" The follow up reportage was completely non geographical – apart from repeating that the vote was about Britain and not England and smoking. Even The Times, anxious to pander to their owner – who is also Tony’s bestest, most powerful media friend in the world ever, stated ‘Britain gives up smoking’

For the record, the smoking ban in public places as voted on at Westminster applies to England only.


The Crafty Cruiser said...

Yesterday some prat on the beeb news actually said 24\7.

Laura said...

I thought it quite comical upon hearing that with the no-smoking ban if you have say a plumber come to your house and he finds out you don't mind him smoking, he he, of course can. However, if he is in your home and you want a cigarette and he doesn't approve, you are not allowed to light up. The first is because it's your home and you have invited him. The second because he is in his workplace and it's not allowed. Bwahaha.

Aren't these politicians just a laugh a minute????

Laura said...

Ah, disregard the "he he", suppose to be just he. Doh!

Kenny said...

You leave my third wife, Ms Kaplinski, alone Mr Alfie! I mean, she could walk on water while reporting that Mugabe is now the DG of the UN and I would not give either a second thought. ;)

On a more serious point, you are right. The British media is on a downhill path to being as bad as US Saturday night stand-up shows, except even less funny.

Anonymous said...

And of course, Scotland bans smoking in all enclosed public spaces on 26 March.

Barnze said...

I ain't giving up smoking...Now then!

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