Friday, November 04, 2005

Christmas Day is on 25th December this year isn’t it?
I was in the local Spar the other day. Waiting to pay for my stuff, I noticed a huge pile of seasonal Christmas Selection boxes, each with a fat jolly smiling Santa on, standing on a snowy roof with Rudolf and all the rest of his faithful crew. Think of all those kids on Christmas morning, stuffing their faces with this choccy bounty.

Right next to Santa’s chubby beaming smile was a nice, bold, clear message printed in a regulation EC approved typeface. - ‘Best before 10th December, 2005’…….


Anonymous said...

Who pays any attention to sell by dates ?

Laura said...

Coulda been worse...‘Best before 10th December, 2003’

Janet said...

Reminds me of something I once saw posted on a sign at a school in Texas: "Cinco de Mayo celebration - May 7th".



Anonymous said...

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