Friday, September 23, 2005

Anyone know how to get a job in the City?

Scared of London? I should cocoa.
Is there anything that could make me work there? Definitely.
(Well, till Christmas Eve, anyway)…

For it was reported yesterday that over 3,000 dealers in the London money market will receive a Christmas bonus of between 1 million and 20 million quid. I’d like a bit of that – it certainly beats a bottle of bubbly, a big tin of Quality Street and an autographed photocopy of the secretary’s bum….

Added together, that’s a hell of a lot of moolah. The bonus budget will range from 3 billion quid upwards…..

Nice work if you can get it. Just one small point though…. Where the hell is this money coming from? Who’s paying for a tin of Quality Street the size of the Isle of Wight?…..


Laura said...

The poor sod (well, probably not so poor if he or she is able to have money in said financial institutions) who has their money invested in these London market to begin with.

Ho Ho Ho.

Juggling Mother said...

I'm guessing you mean "dealers" as in stocks and shares, not as I originally read "dealers" as in crack & herione:-)

Sorry; I grew up in East London, some words have different meanings to me...Still, I expect both types will do well out of the festive season.

Nothing would make me live in London, not even that money. Been there, tried that, not good. My family are mostly still there & don't understand why I won't come "home".

Ummm, I live within walking distance of all the major stores, train stn, beach, good schools, fantastic restuarants that cost less than £20 per head, in a 5 bed Victorian semi that cost less than £100k. Can't think what makes that better than dagenham!

Shooting Parrots said...

The world we live in, eh? More money in doing nowt than actually making something.

JonnyB said...

Having just had my annual pension review thingy, I suspect I am.

Anonymous said...

I think it's called capitalism.

krip said...

Well you wanted to know where all your pension payments go?

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