Monday, April 04, 2005

Pontifications on a Sunday afternoon

My number 3 son, still reeling at the untimely croakedness of JP2, asked me what exactly the Pope did…

"What exactly does the Pope do for his money then Dad?"

"Oh, you know, he sort of wears a dress, does a lot of blessings and can’t have any sex at all"

"How much does a Pope get paid then?"

"You know, I don’t think they actually get paid anything – but they do have free unfettered use of the Popemobile"…

"So, the Pope, doesn’t actually get paid, drives a car that looks like a greenhouse, wears a dress and never has sex – ever?"..

"Apparently so"

"You know, being a Pope sounds like a pretty crap job all round, really"


Mike said...

Not forgetting the bit about being wheeled from your deathbed to wave to the masses from a small window high up in the Vatican.

PS: congratulations on the Badger award from my quiz (results now posted), even if you did have to share it with Dave from KENNAMATIC.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention another perk of the job - all the creme de menthe you can drink... free!

(In my case that would be one very small glassful)

Elspeth said...

yea not a very good job really

GS said...

Oh you forgot. A big part of his job was to tell other people not to have sex too! Total spoilsport.
ps: he'd be getting a bit smelly by now too

Anonymous said...

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