Thursday, August 26, 2004

God gets hands dirty…….

‘God’ got up close and tactile with a block of wet cement on Monday this week as he left his dab prints to harden for prosperity and the wonderment of all.

‘God’ – under his nom de plume of Jimmy Page, lead guitarist, genuine gentleman genius - and all round top geezer from Led Zeppelin is the first, the very first Rock Star to have his hand prints immortalised in Britain’s inaugural ‘Walk of Fame’ outside the Virgin shop in Piccadilly Circus.

With typical humility, 60 year old Jimmy declared "It's a real privilege and a great honour to be the first. I'm really chuffed. A Walk of Fame is a fantastic idea, and it's high time we had one in London. If you started putting in all the people I think are deserving, you could cover the whole of London with hand prints".

I mean – how many demi-Gods do you know who use the word ‘chuffed’?
What a man.

Someone’s got something right at last……

And if anyone’s under any illusions that Jimmy isn’t the greatest guitarist ever in the world – ever… I suggest you invest in the Led Zeppelin double DVD and watch (& listen) the Page-Meister at work. Utter Genius.