Monday, June 14, 2004

Ronnie meets Jonny as he rides outta town……

Well, they’ve buried Bonzo’s partner, Ronnie Reagan. It’s a great loss for the almost human, almost understandable cute sidekick to the more intelligent chimp’ genre of movie – there’s only Clint ‘n’ Clyde left now to carry on the flame of baboonery…

It’s a bit of a shock, cut down in his prime at the age of 93 – just goes to prove that living fast and loose will surely get you, in the end. Aside from the acting, Ronnie also did a part time job during his retirement – well that’s understandable, my Dad also took a job signing in members to his local working men’s club when he too jacked the 9-5 in. Everyone needs pin money – even former B movie film actors.

Of course, now he’s gone to the great roundup in the sky, he’s acquired all the kudos normally reserved for the truly great and good. This means that just about everyone in America who can proffer an opinion now reckons that Ronzo was most probably the most cerebral thinker since Norm’ - the fat guy who sat at the end of the bar in ‘Cheers’ last waxed lyrical….

The romantic clack within the States will no doubt be pushing for the deification of St Ronnie of Bonzania – just like when John Wayne was preparing for his last hurrah.

As ‘The Duke’ was sliding off his saddle (.."they got me, Bronco *gasp* tell Mary I love her… tell Mary I love her"….. "Duke, Duke, tell Mary you love her, what?"), all his ‘A’ list movie mates lobbied Congress for a Congressional Gold Medal to be struck before he bit the dust. It didn’t seem to matter that this is mainly given to war heroes, inventors, authors and the like. John Wayne qualified because he had defended The Alamo, killed Japs in Iwo Jima and despatched a whole nation of Redskins – too stupid to get outta the way of his trusty Winchester repeater…. He played war hero – therefore he was war hero.

All of a sudden, miracles are being attributed to his great Reaganess. For instance why was his hair always black – even though he was as old as young Mr Grace?…. how could Ron throw his voice to his wife – so it looked as though it was Nancy who was doing the talking?….. how did Ronnie give the illusion of insanity so convincingly?

I guess we’ll never know. (The hell we will)….