Thursday, May 06, 2004

Mentoring needs me….

I’ve often thought of myself as a bit of a ‘mentor’ – it’s all the rage now isn’t it? "Yeah, sorry I’m late for this very important meeting lady, but I had to go and do a quick bit of mentoring – stopping young Jimmy from chucking himself under a train"….

"Wow, you’re my hero"

"No hassle Miss, It’s all in a day’s mentoring"

"Hmmm, you’re so sexy - do you fancy a shag, mentor man?"

I’m sure I’ve got all the accoutrements for mentordom.
I’ve got the Experience: (old fart), CHECK

Patience: (sort of). CHECK

Cliched phraseology: "Look, just chill out man". CHECK

Attire: Suit, T-shirt and white sneakers combo –
just like Sonny Crockett used to wear in Miami Vice CHECK

Handle: Sexy mentoring type pseudonym, something cool, something hip, something that my mentorees can immediately get comfy with. Something like ‘Chico Mentorini’ CHECK

Transport: Maybe some kind of old classic car. Maybe an open top?
Mentor-Memo get rid of the Ford Orion asap. CHECK

Shades: Dark and inscrutable. Are ‘Ray-Bans’ still in?

Chico Mentorini, open for mentoring business….

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