Monday, January 24, 2005

Times tirade….

I bunged off my first ever letter to ‘The Times’, today. The reason? An article in Saturday’s ‘paper discussing the seats at risk from minority parties at the next election.

Little symbols spread across a map of the UK, illustrated just which seats were at risk from local pressure groups. Scottish Nationals had a little thistle, students were represented by a mortar-board and the hunting lobby had a red coated toff jumping over a fence. I also noticed three or four little fluttering St George’s flags planted around different parts of England.

I looked at the key to the graphic. Next to the fluttery flag was the somewhat derogatory title ‘Little England’……Underneath was a little explanation about where ‘UKIP’ and the ‘BNP’ could win marginal seats.

I went mad. In one fell swoop, I became Mrs Pissed-Off from Tunbridge Wells in all her tweedy finery. I get real sick of so-called intelligent media people constantly linking the flag of my Country to extremist and reactionary views. But especially to extremist and reactionary political parties with extremist and reactionary views. I wouldn’t mind but UKIP and the BNP are both parties with strong Union Jack branding – so why choose the flag of England?

I bet, even now the Editor is falling on his sword – and who knows, my letter might actually get printed – I’ll keep you posted………

24 hour party people…….

I of course refer to the impending relaxed licensing laws for England and Wales. I am definitely in favour of it….. Some of Westminster’s finest are a bit unsure however. Our noble MPs reckon that we may not be able to handle a drink at midnight, or 2 in the morning or whatever.

Some of them reckon that there are health and binge drinking issues to be considered – some are advocating a hike in the cost of buying a drink….

The Government have reacted to the growing hysteria by saying that it won’t actually mean 24 hour licenses – just flexibility. Richard Caborne, Minister for Sport and licensing says that "nowhere in the UK will you be able to have a licence that lasts 24 hours"……

Hmmmm, that statement is, to say the least a bit economical with the truth isn’t it Richard? I think I can find one place that has had a 24 hour license for years and years and years and years ….. and sells its alcohol at heavily subsidised rates.

The answer is obvious isn’t it? – Oh yes, it’s the best club in town, the Palace of Westminster – truly a place for 24-hour Party people….