Friday, June 22, 2007 - a word of warning and a bit of free advice DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!.

If you are minding your own business at your office - and a company called 'Creditsafe' from Caerphilly in Wales rings you - just tell them "no thanks" and put the phone down again. By doing so, it will save you well over a thousand pounds – as well as your sanity. are a company that give out company ratings, assessing company risks etc. I don't have a problem with that - however, after the first year (which cost us around £150) I decided not to renew the subscription.

However, have just invoiced us for over £1,100 for another year’s subscription - virtually an 8 FOLD increase from year 1.

This morning, we received a bill for the princely sum of £1,128 - in spite of us telling them by phone 3 times, by letter and email that we longer want the 'service' and didn’t want to renew the subscription. Unfortunately, 'Robert', the guy who rang me a couple of months ago to ask if I wanted to renew failed to tell me that I had to 'opt out' otherwise I would be automatically signed up again. Robert also failed to tell me that the new charge would be 8 times what it cost last year. As I left it, Robert was happy with my decision not to renew – and gave me the impression that was an end of the matter. Don’t you just love people like Robert?

In our opinion, they are in business purely to bully people into giving them money. During my last and somewhat testy conversation with 'Julie’ from their 'retention staff' - she immediately offered to bring the year's bill down from £1,100 to 300 quid..... In my opinion, it was a clear bid to get me to re-sign up on the grounds that I was getting some sort of bargain – and of the relief of not paying over a thousand..

I told her it was all about principles and scruples - at that point she slammed the phone down on me. I guess she had a problem with those 2 words – maybe she didn’t know what they meant?…….

I can only speak from experience - and my experience with Creditsafe of Caerphilly has been a bloody awful one. It is a useful service, BUT there are plenty of others that provide that service as well - if I were you, I would choose anyone but of Caerphilly. You’ll keep your money – and your sanity as well.

Understandably, we are not happy - and are about to talk to the various authorities about the appalling business practices of from Caerphilly. It's time someone took a stand at this outrageous attempt to extort money out of unsuspecting companies.

Sorry to go on everyone, but I hate these cruddy companies that try every trick in the book to filch cash off you.

So be warned – ‘ of Caerphilly’ - avoid them at all costs….. I wish we had never heard of them.


Gavin Corder said...

I've just noticed your longbow links, do you shoot competitively?

Daphne said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog (I shan't be using Creditsafe!) which I found because I think Alfred the Ok is a splendid title.

Birdman said...

You wouldn't credit it would you? Thanks for the warning Alfie.

Guthrum said...

Yup, had much the same experience as you- fortunately only was conned out of the first £150- I think they are an off shoot of some dody US outfit

Red_Fred said...

Bunch of shits - tell the BBC about them, they love cruds like that.

The BBC did a good job on the Abbey National, who decided this 77 yr old widow was 'dead' and then refused to give back, HER three thousand quid.
And wrote to her, saying they didn't know what the problem was!

Let us know what happens Alfie, and all the best.

Roger B. said...

There seems to be an ever increasing army of fuckwits out there who won't take no for an answer.

Keep on blogging Alfie!


Roger B.
(the blogger formerly known as Shrub)

revinkevin said...

The good thing about the internet is not coyboys like of Caerphilly can be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just read your post, and as I work for a competitor of Creditsafe. They have been in court over 800 times last year alone, because of this automatic renewal policy. If you're looking for something more trustworthy and cheaper let me know.


legal eagle said...

gotta say... this isnt the creditsafe that i know. I've been using them now for 3 years - never been shafted or had this sort of price hike... AND they are cheaper and easier to use than anyone else out there. If you were stupid enough to enter a contract without reading the terms then you deserve to get shafed... many small buinesses in the UK need a rocket up thier a**e and could do with a lesson in basic business management. If, however, you did (as you claim) WRITE to tell them you didnt want to renew then i recommend you dont pay the bill and let them take you to court. I WOULD recommend using this comany.. but i would also recomend reading their terms before entering into the contract.

ring leader said...

hi - 'competitor of creditsafe'

two things -
1. who do you work for (so we know who the other options are)
2. how do you know they took 800 customers to court? is this information published somewhere so we can get hold of it?

Mike said...

As far as I'm concerned legal eagle, decent companies don't need to shaft people and don't need to hide things in small print.

Yes terms and conditions need to be read and understood, but Alfie stated that he cancelled his agreemnet by phone, writing and email on a number of occassions. A price hike of £150 to £1100 is shafting in everybodies language and opt out conditions are a way of shafting that can easily be missed.

It's sharp business practice, opt in options should be the way the business should run but they know nobody will click the box, just as they know most will miss the opt out box.

Online insurance companies have opt out boxes to stop automatic renewal. I always click teh opt out box and they always tell me at the end of the year that the insurance will automatically be renewed unless I instruct otherwise, forcing me to tell them that I am cancelling the insurance at the end of the term.

I say again Sharp Practice. No doubt legal people don't see it like that, because they earn a crust fighting battles over such technical points.

See them in court Alfie and laugh your socks off when they lose and have to pay all the costs.

Carl said...

I am in the same boat. Need to file a defense by 29th Aug. Have you been through court yet, maybe we could take a stand together ? email

Anonymous said...

Please can you tell me if you won in court or not?

Do you know if anybody has beaten credit safe and there very shady practices?

Anonymous said...

went to court yesterday with creditsafe -got screwed- the judge said there are hundreds like us its very sharp practice-infact its a scam but it is a legal scam

Alfie said...

Sorry to hear about that, anon.
I have to tell you however that we did actually beat them. I will explain exactly how in a post which I will upload in the next couple of days.

LEE said...

Alfie, I would be very interested in how you beat them-although a judgement has now been made-can it be overtuned i wonder- Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Alfie- anychance of emaililing to me how you beat them
-cheers Lee

LEE said...

Hi Alfie- not recieved anything yet- would really like to know if I can still beat these Shits-LEE

Anonymous said...


Would be interested to know what the outcome of your creditsafe case was? We are waiting to go to court with them April 2008

Anonymous said...


Would be interested to know what the outcome of your creditsafe case was? We are waiting to go to court with them April 2008

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that the company referred to in this post is actually ASA (UK) Ltd and they are completely unrelated to the good people over at who have been trading under the Creditsafe name for over 20 years without a complaint...

flame said...

I would like to say that this must be a one off experience as I have used them for well over 6 years. The thing is some small minded people who try to pretend to know how to run a business, put on a fancy suit and call themselves Mr Director are thinking they can say what they like about extremley repitable companies such as Creditsafe of South Wales. I would like to add that they ARE the market leader in ehat they do so they must have some knowladge. Does anybody agree?

10/10 Creditsafe

Jack said...

I can assure you all that this is certainly no 'one off' with this company. The Internet is littered with references to the autorenewal clause used by this company to tie people in to the service. The clause is never referred to by the sales staff during any conversation and they indeed when they are talking you through accessing the site services they tell you to just click on the terms and conditions.

Alfie said...


Jack said...

Alfie, please share?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This company is called Creditsafe Business Solutions Ltd T/A Creditsafe UK. Their website is & their registered No is 03836192.

Directors are:



Suepot said...

I've used both Creditsafe & Checkit and found Creditsafe to be awful on customer support and quite dismissive when it came to renewal time so I shopped around. Found Checkits reports to be better (graphics wise- easier to read etc) and the people I dealt with were uniformly pleasant. It's more or less the same info but Checkit just seems easier to use (a bit more expensive) and customer support is streets ahead

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