Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The ‘Typhoid Mary’ of the blogging world…..

Last night I updated my ‘blogging list. ‘Pasted in some new contacts – and deleted the ones that have become as dead as dodo.blogspot…. ’A blogged drain’…… ‘Just pop it in then’……. ‘The blogging bard’ ……. ‘Hidden ranting’ …. These, amongst many, many others have all ceased to be. And as the legendary Norwegian Blue Parrot, they are no more, deceased, kicked the bucket, expired, pushing up daisies, croaked, snuffed-it ex-blogs.

Whilst doing this little exercise, it occurred to me that an awful lot of the people I originally had on my list have jacked it in, or gone to the great bloggerama in the sky… Just like Typhoid Mary in New York in the 1920’s – all those around her dropped dead from the virus Mary carried within, whilst she probably thought she only had a bit of a personal hygiene problem…..

Judging by my deletions list, I seem to be a bit like that – a bit of a Jonah. A bit of a bad luck, black spot, bad karma dude. What all you new linkees have to ask yourselves is "Do you really feel lucky?" – and if you do, will I put the evil-eyed curse of closure onto your blog?